Improving Access To Inputs, Technical Services & Decision Support For Farmers.

About Our Company

USOMI Limited is a technical services provision company that seeks to address the poor adoption of agricultural technologies and farming best practises. Our goal is to increase access to the right inputs, markets and production maximization knowledge and information.

Our Services

What We Do

Data collection and analysis

We use paperless data collection to support farm decision making processes through evaluation of animal genetic merit, within farm and between farm performance comparisons, discerning of trends, prediction of yields and generally understanding the state of agriculture. We will continuously conduct opinion polling to profile industry practices and farmer preference with respect to inputs and services. We also undertake sentiment analysis and data mining for business intelligence purposes. For all your data collection needs, we are at your services. The USOMI Analytics division’s target institutions include research organizations, donor projects, graduate students among others.

Contract research services

We facilitate research for organizations around the world by designing research projects, facilitating monitoring and management of activities, undertaking field data collection, Data Management as well as statistical analysis. We help with recruitment of qualified field and lab personnel where required, including technical animal health personnel. Through our contacts, we can provide molecular genetics laboratory services ranging from DNA extraction to Tissue culture. We will help you streamline multiple and divergent data sources into a single, unified, standardized data pool. Enjoy our vast experience and contacts for your data collection needs across Africa.

Produce Aggregation and Market Sourcing

We help farmers sell their produce in high value markets. Farmers with small quantities of produce submit their request to sell the produce on our platform. Through geo-referencing, similar items for sale are aggregated and bundled virtually into one consignment big enough to attract buyers from all over the country. Once a buyer is sourced, the produced are delivered by the farmers to an aggregation centre ready for shipping. In this way, farmers enjoy high prices even if they don’t have the volumes for far flung markets.

Farmer advisory services

We ensure that farmers get access to information and data that allow them to undertake precision agriculture. Our e-extension platform enables a customized instructional program to be sent to farmers through text messages primed to follow specific crop and livestock calendars. Additionally, farmers provide performance records and receive near real-time feedback for evidence based decision making. Simply put, we bring big data analytics and precision farming to the farmers through their mobile phones for maximal profits.

Input fulfilment

The Lulu platform provides a market place where farmers can buy authentic farm inputs at affordable prices. No matter the farmers location, all farm inputs can now be easily accessed from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, Through the Smart aggregator platform, farmers will be able to access far flung markets and service providers at the click of a button.

Genetic testing services

We match germplasm to target environments to maximize productivity. The Usomi Genomics division provides services that will ensure farmers are planting the right crop varieties or keeping the right livestock breeds for their production systems. We apply the latest biotechnology tools to profile crops and animals to ensure they are appropriate for farmers.

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Our Mission

To identify, promote and multiply appropriate tropically adapted crop and livestock germplasm as well as technologies and best practices that maximizes productivity for farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Vision

An Africa where precision agriculture is the hallmark of every farming enterprise.

Our Contacts

2nd Flr , Hardy Post , Hardy Shopping Centre , Ushirika Road , Karen , P.O. Box 105086-00101 , Nairobi Kenya.

+254 736 407985