Precision Farming To Maximize Productivity

Usomi makes sure farmers have access to tools and technologies that maximize productivity. We use a Data Approach to ensure precise decision making.

      About Usomi

Our Mission

To identify, promote and multiply appropriate tropically adapted crop and livestock germplasm as well as technologies and best practices that maximizes productivity for farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Vision

An Africa where precision agriculture is the hallmark of every farming enterprise.

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Our work

Advisory Services

Develop your agricultural knowledge, skills and practice.

Increase your chances and confidence to deliver better and more profitable outcomes for an agribusiness venture. Explore how here.

Data Collection and Analytics

Produce more with less. Join a growing number of farmers using a data driven approach to maximize their productivity. Let technology work for you by recording farm events and using our decision support tools.

Genetic Testing

Our DNA testing service brings affordable and reliable DNA testing for crops, livestock and pets in Eastern Africa. We use state-of-the-art DNA technology to deliver high quality, reliable results for management decisions or legal use.

Buy Farm Inputs

Need something on the farm, anything? Avoid the hassle. Let convenience define your farm input sourcing experience. Buy directly on our platform, anytime, anywhere. We will deliver to your home or nearest collection point.

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