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Lulu® is a digital decision support platform for precision farming. It allows smallholder farmers to easily purchase quality inputs and have them delivered. The system enables farmers to record production data which is used to provide real-time feedback on how well the farmer is doing in comparison to breed/expected yield standards. Through timely alerts, farmers can now apply corrective measure before diseases, pests and poor management ruin their farms. Tracking farm performance is now easier for telephone farmers trusting managers and farm hands in far flung regions. Lulu® is an essential companion for farmers who want to maximize profits by increasing yields and productivity.

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Components of Lulu®

A data driven decision support platform: Farmers provide performance records for their farms. The system analyses the data automatically and the farmer receives actionable feedback (trends, rankings, diagnostics) in near real-time so as to make informed decisions about their activities.

The input fulfilment platform is a cell-phone driven purchasing and delivery service. Farmers order for inputs and pay for them in-app, using mobile money. The items are then sourced from agro-retailers who have signed up on the platform and delivered to the farmer.

Benefits of Lulu®

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Our Mission

To identify, promote and multiply appropriate technologies and farming best practices that maximize productivity for farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Vision

An Africa where precision agriculture is the hallmark of every farming enterprise.

Our Contacts

Hardy Shopping Centre , Ushirika Road , Karen , P.O. Box 105086-00101 , Nairobi Kenya.

+254 736 407985