Rubi® is a platform that virtually aggregates farm produce from farmers across the East African region. Many farmers produce small quantities of commodities, and are thus denied from accessing the best paying markets due to the low volumes. By aggregating their produce, Rubi allows farmers to enjoy economies of scale thereby increase the amount they get paid for their produce. Purchase is through a bidding process that ensures producers can access the best prices available. Additionally, Rubi allows farmers to access service providers at the touch of a button.

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Services Offered By Rubi®

Sale and purchase of farm produce.

Requisition for services such as spraying, tilling, weeding, vaccination.

Aggregation of low produce volumes to enjoy better market prices.

Group access to vaccination and animal health services.

Group access to machinery and logistics services.

Smart aggregator is an ideal employment opportunity for tech savvy youth who are eager to use their ICT skills in Agriculture. Through the smart aggregator, interested youth can facilitate acquisition of livestock and dairy data, inputs and services, while learning about opportunities in the various agricultural value chains.

How Rubi® Works

The system works by counting the quantity of similar products available for sale in a given geographic area. Once a critical level is reached, a message is sent out through multiple channels to potential buyers in high paying markets. The buyers bid for the produce and the one with the best price is offered the produce. Once a buyer has won the bid, the sale price is communicated to the farmers. The farmer receives 90% of the sale price, less expenses, which include a 5% commission for the aggregator. In this way, farmers enjoy the best market prices available countrywide.

  1. An interested aggregator enrols on the platform as a commodity supply specialist.
  2. The participating aggregators are vetted by the local authorities and provided a certificate of familiarity to enable them visit farmers in search of farm produce.
  3. The aggregator posts available produce on the platform, giving indications of quantities available, price requested and date of production/harvest.
  4. Registered aggregators are trained on quality checks and will deliver produce of acceptable quality and age at a designated collection centre.
  5. The aggregators get paid an agreed percentage per commodity delivered.

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Our Mission

To identify, promote and multiply appropriate technologies and farming best practices that maximize productivity for farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Vision

An Africa where precision agriculture is the hallmark of every farming enterprise.

Our Contacts

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